HOMELIKE feel like home away from home

What we do:

Homelike is the largest corporate housing platform in Europe. We help employees to find their new home when relocating in any of our 400 European cities. It's an easy, simple and fast way to feel like home away from home. Homelike has the HQ in Germany and physical offices in Barcelona and London as well. More than 15.000 corporate clients have successfully booked their apartments on Homlike

How we do it:

We count on more than 50.000 apartments all furnitured and in great locations to make you feel like home away from home".

What we sort out:

Moving to a new city is challenging, we make your settle down way easier in a few clicks. Just go to www.thehomelike.com, select your dates and city and request your preferred apartment and get ready to enjoy your new home"


Samuel Toribio - samuel.toribio@thehomelike.com

Website: www.thehomelike.com

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