FREE NOW for Business: What a mobility company thinks of the Assistant role today.

What motivated FREE NOW for Business to join IMA Spain as a Business Partner?

IMA is an international association formed by incredible individuals, who pursue the common goal of personal and professional development, as well as support the continuous evolution of their profession as management support professionals. This is very exciting for us and we, at FREE NOW for Business, think that we can contribute to this inspiring networking by working on common projects.

Give us a brief insight of how your company may benefit Assistants.

We are aware that the Executive Assistant role can be multitasking and, sometimes, overwhelming. Thus, as a corporate urban mobility partner for companies around Europe, our value proposition for such a role is simple, but key. We want to make Executive Assistant’s lives easier.

The most frequent feedback from these professionals about FREE NOW for Business is that they can easily and quickly check, control, and process all the travel expenses in just one detailed invoice. This leads to efficiency and significant time saving for such busy professionals. Unfortunately, there are still many Executive Assistants out there checking and accounting taxi expenses receipt by receipt and dealing with traditional partners.

Thanks to FREE NOW for Business, Executive Assistants can easily manage employees’ taxi usage through our platform, and large fleet.

What is the view of FREE NOW for Business of the Assistant role today?

We strongly believe that management support professionals are an essential part of the company. They are multitasked, agile and reliable, especially when it comes to completing an urgent task. We work with companies of any size, from freelancers to big corporations, and many times, we come across professionals in charge of their company’s taxi expenses who just want a seamless and easy-to-use platform. Their goal is to have quick control and overview of such expenses and order taxis for the management team or guests.

Based on your own experience, would you agree that the Assistant role is an asset for your company or, on the contrary, have new technologies erased the Assistant’s added value?

We advocate for disruption and finding more efficient ways to execute any kind of task through technology. In fact, at FREE NOW for Business, our main objective is to improve corporate urban mobility through technology. However, the Executive Assistant functions go far beyond those basic functions technology can replace. People are social and organizations are social hubs. Therefore, technology can support Executive Assistants but not replace them.

_______________________________________ Thanks to José Bravo for accepting this interview from IMA Spain.
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IN OUT Interview: A closer look to the Assistant role


Elisabeth Porcel
Directora Comercial
In Out Travel & Events Spain

Phone : +34 93 303 78 09 / +34 619 285 377

What motivated IN OUT to join IMA Spain as a Business Partner?

At the moment we knew about IMA, we realized that it was an association formed by great professionals full of enthusiasm, in fact, that feeling made us fall in love with it. That was why we wanted to become part of IMA Family.

Give us a brief insights of how your company may benefit the Assistants.

Our purpose is become a value partner for you. We would like to put at your disposal our 22 years of knowledge and experience about traveling and events. And also, our team which is made up of the best business travel counselors and events and meeting planners. We are a 24/7 company with our own emergency department.

What is the view of IN OUT of the Assistant role today?

Assistants are a necessary part of our family of clients, in terms of collaboration their role is essential for the personalization of our work. We are a type of agency that personalizes all services in the fastest and most effective way, and for this it is essential to have a group of assistants because of the role that they play within their companies.

Based on your own experience, would you agree that the Assistant role is an asset for your company or, on the contrary, have the new technologies vanished the Assistant added value?

We are a technologic leading company, and that has always allowed us to get the tools to provide a good, quickly and efficient service. However, we have always known that we need the roles of each person of our team to be able to achieve that success. Therefore we wanted to transmit you the fundamental importance of the Assistant role within a company. Technology should not replace but complement the work, especially, when we work with people.