Meet Walkiria Carvalho, an IMA Spain Member from Barcelona:

1.When did you join IMA Spain and what motivated you to join?

I decided to join IMA Spain last Feb 19, but before that I had the opportunity to attend some IMA events such as trainings, networking… and others. So got the conclusion it was a nice opportunity that could not let it go!

2.What is the added value & benefits of belonging to an International Assistants Network as IMA?

Networking you get there is priceless. We are a team where worries, needs, ideas can be shared, and this experience helps you to see things in a different light.

3. Further to your experience as Assistant, what is that key skill all Assistants should master?

I believe it is a set of skill that is needed, but above all your personal touch to remind organizations that there are people behind it. And an assistant can transform many details all around.

4. Assistant is a role in constant evolution: what do you think is the reason and how “constant learning” influences the Assistant role performance?

In general, I see all the roles are in constant evolution. The way of working, communicating and many other areas are changing fast. I believe that being open to learn, being curious, attempt to improve and trying to do things differently is key to our role. And last, but not the least, fast adaption to the new IT tools is a must.

You can get in touch with Walkiria by EMAIL or through our Slack community.