IMAgazine is an open publication in Spanish about our Profession,

made & coordinated  by IMA Spain members,   

Josefina Llovera ( & Laura Ortuondo (,

IMAgazine Project Coordinators.

This magazine is launched quarterly and all IMA Spain members are welcome to contribute with ideas, articles, or topics they would like to see in it. 

En profundidad - Logo and Front page

"En Profundidad" (Deep focus) is the series of interviews, in Spanish,  carried out by IMAgazine Team and it is launched quarterly, aiming at showing IMA Spain from our members eyes, as well as the profession. 

En pocas palabras - logo and front page

"En Pocas Palabras" (In a few words) is the name of the series of articles, in Spanish,  launched quarterly under the coordination of the IMAgazine Team, that tackles diverse topics of our profession interest providing  a deep dive view.

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