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You will have access to:

  • an international, professional and personal network
  • lifelong learning and self-development with custom-made training programs
  • conferences and workshops
  • experience exchange with your peers from outside your own industry
  • the latest trends and development of our profession
  • the culture and business life in all the member countries


The yearly membership fees are:

  • For Assistants, secretaries and Office Management Support Professionals on management and executive level is 90€
  • For unemployed Assistants, secretaries and Office Management Support Professionals, students of Secretarial Studies on Business Administration or retired, the fee is 45€

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If you are a management support professional working on management or executive level with the corresponding diploma or degree or with working experience in our profession, please apply here

Business members, this is your network

Business membership is available for individuals and solopreneurs such us: HR specialists, trainers, lecturers, speakers, etc

Yearly membership is 160€

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